Rental Equipment in Bloomsburg

Using the proper tools and equipment is key to achieving the best, no matter the project. Renting what you need from Bear Rental’s Bloomsburg equipment rental service ensures that you get the best results without the cost and burden of ownership.

Bear Rental makes sure that every tool is in tip-top shape before you take it home, our expert team inspects every tool after every use.

Our goal is to offer reasonably priced rental equipment for Bloomsburg, Pa, and the surrounding area. Whether you are in need of tool and equipment rentals for this weekend’s DIY project or for a long-term renovation. Our knowledgeable staff can help you with all of your rental needs in and around Bloomsburg, Pa.

Rental Equipment Rates

Call us at 570.701.1525 to get expert advice on the best tool and equipment rentals for your project and for our rental rates.


We can deliver your rental to your door and then return to pick it up once you are finished with your rental.