Little Giant Combination Ladder Rental

Little Giant King Kombo 3-in1 ladder rental

A combination ladder rental is a perfect solution when you need to get stuff done fast in a versatile environment. The Little Giant King Kombo 3-in-1 ladder can convert from a stepladder to an extension ladder to a leaning ladder.

This combination ladder rental features a rotating wall pad, which means that you can set it up on inside and outside corners plus walls and studs. It also has wide-flared legs for added stability and a functional rear section that can fit between studs.

The King Kombo is a light-weight, fiberglass ladder in a hi-viz green. These features allow for work around electricity without fear of conductivity and the added bonus of being more visible on a job site.

Available in six-foot and eight-foot sizes.

  • Weight capacity: 375 lbs.
  • ANSI duty rating: Type IAA – Special Duty

Model 6

  • A-frame maximum highest standing level: 3-feet 9-inches
  • A-frame maximum reach: 10-feet 3-inches
  • Ladder weight: 24 lbs.
  • Extension maximum height: 9-feet 11-inches
  • Extension maximum reach: 13-feet 1-inch
  • Storage height: 6-feet 1-inch
  • Maximum footprint: 3-feet 8-inches
  • Rung size, single section: 3 inches
  • Rung size, double section: 6 inches

Model 8

  • A-frame maximum highest standing level: 5-feet 8-inches
  • A-frame maximum reach: 12-feet 2-inches
  • Ladder weight: 31 lbs.
  • Extension maximum height: 13-feet 11-inches
  • Extension maximum reach: 17-feet 2-inches
  • Storage height: 8-feet 1-inch
  • Maximum footprint: 4-feet 11-inches
  • Rung size, single section: 3 inches
  • Rung size, double section: 6 inches

Little Giant King Kombo Instruction Manual

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