Kaeser Portable Air Compressor Rental

Kaeser M57 portable air compressor rental

The Kaeser M57 portable air compressor rental features a heavy-duty four cylinder diesel engine plus a large fuel tank so you can work longer. This portable rotary screw compressor delivers 210 CFM at 100 psig and is perfect for construction, demolition, and sand blasting.

It also features a cold start battery so you can keep working even under extreme conditions, this unit will operate in ambient temperatures up to 122°F.. There is an anti-frost thermostatic valve to help avoid tool freeze-ups. It can be used as a portable backup for stationary units as well.

  • Free air delivery: 210 cfm
  • Fuel tank capacity: 28 gal.
  • Working Pressure: 100 psig
  • Power at full load: 42.9 hp
  • Full load speed: 2600 rpm
  • Outlets 2 x ¾”; 1 x 1”
  • Off load running speed: 1800 rpm
  • Sound level max 76 db(A) at 23 ft.

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