Learn how to use a bed edger in this blog post

How to use a bed edger

Want to make your landscaping beds crisp and clean again but not sure where to start? Problem solved! Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a bed edger.

Items needed:

Before you start any project that involves cutting or digging into the ground, especially in a new home, call 811. This will alow for utility companies to come out to your home or business and mark their lines so you do not cut into them. You also want to check the area for any drainage pipes or inivisible dog fences.

If you are planning out a new garden or landscaping bed you will want to outline the area with some spray paint.

If you want a straight line you can first layout a string line to get the best edges. Drive a stake into each corner and tie a string between the stakes, then spray paint along the line.

If you are looking for a curved edge, lay out a peice of rope or garden hose and create the shape you want before spray painting.

If you are edging along an existing bed or sidewalk you can simply follow along the existing lines.

You will want to remove any rocks or other debris from around the line where you will be edging.

Now you are ready to start edging! 

Start up your powered bed edger, you want to place the wheels on the side of where you are edging that is the firmest, could be grass or concrete. Then slowly lower the edger into the ground where you want to start your edge. Slowly pull the edger backwards toward you while you walk backwards. Follow the existing curves and shape of your bed.

To use a bed edger, pull back on the machine slowly while walking along your line
Slowly pull the edger backward toward you while you walk backward.

After you have edged the entire way around the bed or the full edge, rake the loose dirt and grass into your bed, away from the new edge.

If you are creating a new bed you can use the edger to cut the grass inside the bed into strips. Cut lines about 12 inches apart and roll up the grass strips in between. It might be necessary to scrape under the grass with a flat shovel to sever the roots. You can then use a rototiller to loosen the dirt.

Use a rake after using the bed edger
Use a rake after the edger to pull any dirt away from your line.

To remove all loose dirt and grass from your new edge use a leaf blower and walk along the edge, blowing the debris out of the new edge line.

Now you are ready to mulch!

Use a leaf blower to rid the entire bed edge line of debris
Use a leaf blower to rid the entire bed edge line of debris.


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