Power Rake Rental

This power rake rental can help remove unwanted debris from your lawn, driveway or many other surfaces.

The Echo PAS 2620 features a 25.4 cc professional-grade, two-stroke engine, and a two-stage air filtration system.

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The ProPaddle attachment turns the PAS powerhead into a rock rake capable of removing debris from your lawn or turf grass. It has a 22.5-inch sweeping swatch and 1.625-inch rubber fins.

The ProSweep attachment turns the PAS powerhead into a sweeper to clean debris from almost any surface, including concrete, lawn, and artificial turf. It has a 22-inch sweeping swatch and individual nylon bristles to get into those cracks and crevices.

Echo PAS 2620 Instruction Manual

Echo PAS 2620 Quick Start Guide

Echo ProPaddle Attachment Instruction Manual

Echo ProSweep Attachment Instruction Manual

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