Bobcat Landscape Rake Rental

The landscape rake attachment for Bobcat machines will give your worksite the perfect finish. This rockhound rental will rake and collect surface debris while smoothing and leveling the soil.

Rocks 1/2 inch and smaller will be collected by the landscape rake rental attachment. The debris is easily dumped for a completely clean finish.

This rock hound will remove debris, prepare seedbeds, and level soil so that turf can be laid. It can also collect surface debris for site clean-up or prepare lawns for topsoil. Adjustable depth control leaves only a knife-edge mark on the surface.

How it works

Rake bars connected to a chain are driven by a hydraulic motor. The bars rake debris into the bucket while preparing the soil for sod or seed. The operator can use the attachment’s adjustable side skis to control the depth. A hydraulic cylinder opens the top cover for easy dumping and allows the bucket and cutting edge to push and scrape debris.

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  • Operating Weight: 1237 lb
  • Length: 63.3 in
  • Width: 78.6 in
  • Height: 40.4 in
  • Number of Teeth (Total): 456
  • Working Width: 72 in
  • Bucket Capacity: 14.3 ft³
  • Number of Tooth Bars: 12

Compatible Bobcat Models

Compact Track Loaders: T595, T62, T64, T76, T550, T450, T740, T770, T66, T650, T200

Skid Steer Loaders: S595 T4, S590 IT 4, S62, S64, S76, S590, A220 G-Series, 883 G-series, S740, S770, A770 T4, S66

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