Sikaflex-1a elastomeric joint sealant

Sikaflex 1A joint sealant

Sikaflex-1A elastomeric joint sealant is a high-performance, moisture-cured, single component, polyurethane-based, non-sag sealant.

It can be used in green and damp concrete applications. This joint sealant can be used on all types of joints if the maximum depth does not exceed half an inch. It can be used on both vertical and horizontal joints.

Sikaflex-1A can eliminate time, effort, and equipment for mixing, filling cartridges, pre-heating or thawing, and cleaning of equipment. It cures to a tough, durable, flexible consistency with cut and tear-resistance. This joint sealant will bond to most construction surfaces without a primer.

This odorless, non-staining sealant can be painted with oil-, water-, and rubber-based paints.

This joint sealant can be used for small joints and fillets, windows, door frames, reglets, flashing, common roofing detail applications, and many construction adhesive applications. It can also be used in submerged conditions.

Cure Time

Final cure: 4 to 7 days

Curing Rate

Tack-free time 3 to 6 hours Tack-free to touch 3 hours


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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