Speed Crete Red Line

Speed Crete Red Line

Speed Crete Red Line is a rapid-setting, cement-based concrete and masonry repair mortar. It can be “shaved” for detailed repairs.

It is a proprietary formulation of blended portland cements, finely processed aggregates, and specific chemical additives that undergo a chemical “hyper-hydration” which produces a stable, low permeability, cementitious matrix.

This repair mortar has high strength, excellent durability plus it is compatible with galvanic anodes.

Speed Crete Red Line can be used for vertical, overhead, and horizontal repairs plus it can be used for either interior or exterior repairs. It is perfect for concrete pipes, curbs, sidewalks, formed and precast concrete.

It is sold in 50-pound bags or pails.

Initial set: 8 to 20 minutes

Final set: within 30 minutes


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Precast Concrete Brochure

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