Tammspatch II

Tammspatch II

Tammspatch II is a two-component, polymer-modified, cementitious repair mortar and flowable underlayment. It is a versatile mortar for numerous applications since it can be mixed to different consistencies. Tammspatch II provides an aesthetically pleasing surface for multiple applications.

It is highly durable with outstanding bond strength. The featheredge to one inch per lift neat or 2.5-inches if extended.

Tammspatch II can be used to resurface worn concrete walkways, trowelable repair mortar, decorative overlays, horizontal or vertical repairs, pointing mortar joints, and flowable underlayment.

It is sold as a powder in a 45-pound bag and a liquid in a one-gallon jug. When mixed is yields about 0.42 ft³.


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