Benefits of Using a Ground Heater

Weather is unpredictable, which makes sticking to a construction schedule a challenge. Especially when digging a foundation, pouring and curing concrete or any other outdoor work. One of the best ways to keep your job site up and running is a ground heater.

The Benefits of Using a Ground Heater

  • Extend your working season and hours
  • Physical labor is less straining
  • Allows for concrete to cure correctly
  • Work can be completed without missing a deadline
  • Remove and prevent ground frost
  • Protect exposed footings from frost heaving


Frozen ground can be almost impossible to work with, even with power tools. Using a ground heater will save hours of manual labor and physical intensity. Landscaping and excavation work especially benefit from the use of ground heaters.

Frozen ground is also not ideal when pouring concrete, when the concrete sets at too low a temperature it can weaken the concrete up to 50 percent. It could also lead to cracks once the ground thaws and the concrete resettles. A ground heater will help allow concrete to be heated and cured at the correct temperature, ensuring the best results.

In addition to the use of a ground heater, concrete curing blankets help keep concrete cure quickly and at the correct temperature.

Bear Rental can provide you with a ground heater that utilizes a propylene, water, and glycol solution. The solution flows through rubber hoses to warm the ground. Ninety-three perfect of the heat find its way to the ground with a hydronic ground heater, compared to 15 percent with air heaters.

Our thawzall rental can remove up to 12 inches of frost in 24 hours, eliminating about four feet of frost in a week. While it may not be an immediate fix, it is better than waiting for spring.