Sanding blocks with grit number written on ends.

2019 Tool Tips

Here are the tool tips we have shared on social media this year to make your projects go a little quicker or help you with storage of your items.

Paint can with can opener attached to handle.

Never misplace a paint can opener again! ⁣

Use pliers to slightly bend open the loop of a paint can opener then hook it on to the hand of the paint can. Now it will be easily accessible during this project (and for touch-ups)⁣

Sanding blocks with grit number written on ends.

Are you constantly forgetting what grit your sanding sponges are? Before you throw the packaging away take a moment and write the grit number on the sponge in permanent marker! That way you will know what you have and what you need for next project. ⁣

Painter's tape folded under where ripped.

Tired of never being able to find the end of your tape? Or having it rip into shreds when you try to pull it off?

Try this method of tearing your tape: Fold the tape under at a 90-degree angle, the pull the tape against the edge of the roll. The tape will leave a triangular starting tab behind!

Chainsaw with bar on upside down.

Why is the bar on this chainsaw upside down you ask?⠀

When you change chains it is best to reverse the bar to help with the wear of the bar tip.⠀

Dust pan with the edge taped down with painter's tape.

Tired of breaking out the vacuum after you use a dustpan? Use painter’s tape to tape down the edge of the pan to the floor before you sweep… and ta-da! No more line of dust you can never pick up!⁠


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