Tips for using a Tile Saw

A wet tile saw is a great tool to have at your disposal whenever you are working on a project involving tile. Many bathroom and kitchen projects involve tile, and while you may not need to make too many cuts (depending on your design), renting a tile saw will make your project run smoother.

Wet tile saws tend to be more precise compared to regular tile cutters, plus it can be used to make intricate cuts and curved lines. Wet tile saws can be used with a variety of tile types and are particularly helpful when cutting glass tiles.

Using a wet tile saw can make repeat cuts faster and easier, especially on large scale projects.

Safety Tips:

A wet tile saw is a power tool and should be treated with respect. Always take safety precautions when operating:

  • Wear safety goggles and gloves
  • Wear a face mask to prevent dust and debris from being inhaled
  • Use a sharp blade
  • Don’t overload the saw and operate it only within its limits
  • Keep long hair tied back
  • Do not wear loose clothes
  • Pay attention to the water hose and power cord location. Mixing those two sources could create a dangerous situation. Most wet tile saws include a drip loop that prevents water from dripping on the power cord.

Cutting Tips

Using a wet tile saw is not difficult but it may take a few cuts to perfect your technique. Practice makes perfect so be sure to have some extra tile on hand as you begin the project.

  • You want the blade’s first contact with the tile to be the top portion.
    • If the blade comes down from the top, load ceramic tile face up on the table of the wet tile saw.
    • If the blade is embedded into the table, place the ceramic tile face down.
  • Gently guide the tile through the blade, do not force it – let the blade do the work.
  • Place cutting marks directly on the tile (wax pencil), this will help you guide the tile to make exact cuts.
  • Allow the blade to rotate at full speed, this ensures a clean, uninterrupted cut.
  • Be patient when cutting!
  • Keep the tile saw blade wet at all times, it keeps the blade cool while cutting. This means you will have to refill the water reservoir, failure to do so will ruin the saw.
  • Be sure to keep your hands away from the blades at all times.
    • Have a push stick (2-3 foot long piece of scrap wood) handy to help guide the tile at the end of the tile. This keeps your fingers out of danger.
  • Do not lift the blade guard until the blade stops spinning. If you lift the blade guard early, it is dangerous, plus it will spray dirty water all over you.
  • Remove tile carefully, cut tile has been weakened and is more susceptible to breakage.